Do you know what Google, Yahoo and Bing just did?

When Google talks, SEO marketers listen. When Google, Bing and Yahoo all talk at the same time and talk the same message, the world listens.
Yesterday, the big three announced a joint venture that has everyone’s attention. The launch of a new website- and the new markup standard that’s going to make web developers and SEO freaks very happy. Continue reading »

SEO Services: What to Look For

SEO Services: What to Look For

Are you thinking that it may be a good idea to have a website for your business? That’s great! Most business owners spend large sums of money maintaining company websites that do not help in any way in as far as the profitability of their businesses is concerned. Website maintenance is costly and so if you have one for your business you must ensure that you reaped maximum benefits from its existence. This can easily be achieved through the use of of one of the best Bay Area Web design companies.

There are many web and SEO companies that offer SEO services. However, before you choose one, you need
to do your research well. The information that is given in the websites of many SEO service
providers is only meant to dupe unsuspecting clients into giving out their hard-earned cash.

There are important things to consider before start. First, you should ensure
that an SEO company has experienced and qualified staff. Getting this information is
easy since there are reviews from previous clients in such service provider’s websites. Always
check what the reviews say about the kind of staff an SEO service provider has, as this will give
you a clue about the kind of client support that you are likely to get from them. Continue reading »

Best at search engine optimization (SEO)

The Bay Area company that’s best at search engine optimization (SEO) Every successful company finds and recognizes their unique niche that makes them stand out from the competition. KO Websites knew… Continue Reading »

How to get people to open those emails

The biggest challenge to Email campaigns, is getting the people to open that email – A recent Mailer Mailer study tested over 300,000 keywords and uncovered the 10 most popular terms prospects respond to.

How to pick a San Francisco Bay Area SEO company

SEO video From KO Websites & SEOPRO’s Choosing a good SEO company or consultant can be complicated. The SEOPRO’s offers this free insightful information on how to choose a great SEO company…. Continue Reading »